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Meyer Media brings together artists from across the globe, uniting creative visions from the traditional classical repertoire to the avant-garde compositions defying categorization. We provide personalized artistic support, combined with global distribution capabilities. Explore our artist catalog to experience the breadth of artistry supported by Meyer Media. 

Meyer Media Historical Timeline:


  • 2005 - Meyer Media LLC started in 2005 as an independent classical music label that also provided recording service for its artists. 


  • 2007 - As this venture grew, Andreas Meyer chose to leave Sony music Studios NYC in 2007.  During this exciting season, Meyer Media expanded to the first location in Astoria NY. During the time in Astoria, Meyer Media covered studio and label operations.


  • 2018 - In 2018, Meyer Media moved to Manhattan at our current location, 77EAST 110St.  The move to Manhattan sparked the next evolution, the recording/production studios will operate under the name, Swan Studios NYC. Swan Studios has its own identity and cover all things recording and production.  Meyer Media continues to oversee all record label operations. ​

MEYER MEDIA Offerings:

  • Mission -

    • Provide a label for artists to release under and handle/guide all aspects of such

  • Provisions -
    • Manufacturing for physical media including CD’s and optional vinyl in audiophile forma 
    • Coordinate artist with public relations firm to help with promotions, advertisement and marketing of release
    • Provide world wide distribution of release through all digital streaming and download platforms

    • Allow for a more creative “artist perspective” to flow through the entire project - from music selection to package design to media choices.  It is the artist’s that takes precedence, not a corporate cookie cutter approach.

    • Meyer Media also distributes for various artists their own Label Imprint.

Interested in exploring what it might look like to produce your current or next project with us? Learn more about our - 

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